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TYA Suite is a user-centric and comprehensive cloud ERP based procurement to pay platform, designed to fill the gaps in the vendor management, procurement, and payments processes for a smoother, error-free, automated, and streamlined functionality. The software allows controlled procurement through easy yet stringent approvals in a closely monitored cloud-based system.

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End to end solution

Bringing you the full functionality of Cloud ERP system allowing for controlled procurement through multi-level approvals, bulk ordering and automated recurring orders, order receipt status and payment initiation, quality check and dynamic invoicing, customized reporting and much more.

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Backed by the Cloud

An ERP product like no other, easily manageable, efficiently stored and highly secured data on the cloud, import/ export data in bulk, authorized data access and sharing, rapid processing. A holistic approach to business management with Cloud ERP.

What you will get with TYA Suite ERP Software

With gazillions of ERP Solutions to choose from it is often easy to get tangled with multiple options and inability to fine tune one. TYA Suite, Cloud ERP platform focuses on what is important: Every miniscule detail of the business. Packed with modules that can manage every aspect of the business from procurement to payment Here is what you get with our ERP Product, TYA Suite.

Data Storage and Compatibility

Data Storage and Compatibility import data in bulk from various sources and different formats, extract customized reports.

Create multiple users

Create multiple users with assigned roles and controlling authority, monitor user activity and control user buying through purchase order approvals.

Multi-level approval

Multi-level approval for each purchase request, purchase requests can be put in bulk for multiple items.

Send purchase orders

Send purchase orders to the selected vendor, manage multiple vendor portfolios, automate recurring orders.

Quality check update

Quality check update for received order against damaged items, automatically create goods receipt note, automatic debit note for the rejected quantities.

GST Compliant accounting

GST Compliant accounting, Automatic TDS calculation, and multi-location GST calculation. Direct entries in the accounting books.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications for payment dues, pending orders, purchase request approvals, and PO sanctions, etc.

Forget manual follow up

Forget manual follow up with the automated flow of processes including Purchase requests, approvals, purchase orders, order receipts, quality check, and invoice payment.

Reduce the risk

Reduce the risk of payment to wrong/incorrect vendor account, create secure bank payment with one click.


The cloud-based software runs on the internet without the need of installing it on your computer systems. You access the software by visiting a website and signing in with a username and password. This facilitates the ease of accessing the software from any location and any device with just an internet connection. Mobility is one key benefit Cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP software tends to be more user-friendly and easy to set-up with the minimum technical expertise required, hence it is becoming a popular choice.

Traditionally many businesses have been using excel or hard files for their accounts, but there are many benefits to switch to an Cloud ERP for your business needs. It helps you to save time, helps make better decisions, and makes process streamlined, allows for organizational productivity to rise up and much more.

It is easier to adapt and get used to business software if you work on it from day one. As the business grows and operations become more tedious and complex, you would have a software in place to cope with your requirements and ensure success. Also, it is a tough task to go into a transition when your business is on a growth stage.

Cloud ERP is not only easy on the budget but also serves the same functionalities at an on-premise ERP software which allows for start-ups to scale and grow rapidly.

Definitely Yes, it is safe to put your financial data on the cloud, but you need to make sure that your service provider is trustworthy and well-established in the market with a good track record. TYA has been a reputed and dependable service provider for many organizations for the last 5 years, helping brands grow and scale with our Cloud ERP systems enabling them functionalities that help suit their specific business requirement and evolving as they evole.

Definitely A cloud-based software will automatically back-up your data, but it is still wise to make a copy of your data once in a while to ensure minimal data loss in the rare case of a complete shutdown.
Most software solution providers will allow the export of data related to your customers, transactions, suppliers etc.

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