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project management tool

User-Friendly & Intuitive Interface

User-Friendly & Intuitive Interface

User-friendly interface that adapts to the organization's need quickly
End-to-end project planning tool to manage a project from ideation to implementation and completion
Forecast project-profitability with ease and get actionable AI-aided foresight
Request and receive product requirements for various projects through a single platform
Get automated reminders for status updates through the various stages of the project
Use inbuilt project and task templates to create and customize new projects according to your unique requirements within seconds
Access to Gantt Chart views of all tasks / projects of the company to drive actionable insights and identify patterns easily
project tracking software

Unparalleled Tracking System

Unparalleled Tracking System

Real-time monitoring of the project progress, ensuring constant supervision and instant attention to potential issues and pain-points
Track durations, invoices and costs related to the project in detail
Track all balances and remaining budgets simultaneously via project tracking software
Manage timesheets effortlessly, with zero hassle from the comfort of your laptops or smartphone apps
Get real-time project profitability tracking and monitor your expenses and ROI at every step of the project's progression
Map customers/vendors to individual projects and track their progress and performance
project management software

Omnipotent Managing Capability

Omnipotent Managing Capability

Automated reminders for upcoming tasks to ensure that important tasks aren't missed
Automated reminders for overdue tasks in case they are not completed
Regulate all advances given to employees for project expenses
Automate the leave management process for employees
Prioritize tasks to help focus on the important ones first
Manage the reimbursement of all employee expenses
Auto-allocate salaries and other project expenses via TYASuite project management software
Manage employee accountability and allocate responsibility to employees for their tasks
best project management tool best project management tool

Unique Features

TYASuite Project management module comes with a host of unique features that make managing your project effortless, remotely-accessible and efficient.
budget management
Comprehensive budget management
tracking tasks
Kanban board to track tasks
Debugging and issue-tracking
client portal
Integrated client portal
milestone tracking
Milestone tracking
data import export
Data import/export
collaboration tools
Seamless collaboration tools
task management
Individual task management
complete history
A complete history of comments and changes
group level management
Group-level management of projects and tasks
resource management
Resource management
android app
Android app
cost tracking
Cost-to-completion tracking
time sheet management
Time-sheet management and tracking
Integration to other platforms through APIs
expense management
Expense management and tracking
seamless integration
Seamless integration to all TYASuite product modules
quick evaluation
Gantt charts for quick evaluation
project billing
Project billing module
project software project software

Benefits Of Project Management Software

delightful days off

Delightful Days-Off

Manage holiday calendars based on locations.
timely task completion

Timely Task Completion

Allot specific times for each task, so that you can complete projects more efficiently.
avoid litigations

Avoid Litigations

Avoid overtime litigations by setting maximum working hours per day.
become efficient

Become Efficient

Automated alerts to finish tasks on time.

Virtual Manager

System to remind employees to finish tasks on time and auto follow up on pending tasks.
increased revenue

Increased Revenue

Justify over-runs to clients through detailed task level hours incurred by team members.
enhanced profitability

Enhanced Profitability

Tracking budgets in real time will give higher profitability.
avoid delays

Avoid Delays Due To Dependency

Focus on critical tasks which are dependent on other tasks.
go management

On The Go Management

Create and assign tasks to team members on the go with mobile app.
efficient employee scheduling

Efficient Employee Scheduling

Check employee availability and assign them tasks based on availability.
chat board

Task Level Chat-Board

Give comments and receive replies from team members at task level.
tracking and assignment

Bug Tracking And Assignment

Assign bugs to team members and track their status.

Employee Advance Management

Auto adjust advance with expense claims and block further advances if expense is not submitted.
digitize expense management

Digitize Expense Management

Hassle-free access to claiming and approval of expenses through digital platform.
reimbursement cycle

Reduce Expense Reimbursement Cycle

Approved expenses to move to finance dashboard for faster payment.
time management

Advanced Time Management

Track billable and non-billable hours of employees.
tracking management

Leave Management and Tracking

Track approved leaves of employees for better planning.

Project Management Software Awards

corzdesk quality choice award
corzdesk trusted vendor award
corzdesk happiest users award

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is enterprise project management?

    For organizations dealing with huge and complicated projects, they need to select the right project management tool. Enterprise project management (EPM) basically refers to the practice of administering projects on a large scale.
  • Difference between PMT & enterprise project management?

    Project Management Tool Enterprise Management Tool
    1. It is a tool helping the project managers to control the costs and hit deadlines. 1. It is a tool helping the organization to manage multiple projects at the same time.
    2. This tool is suitable to handle small and medium-sized projects. 2. This software is used for managing large scale and complicated projects
    3. The project tracking software can track the status of the projects one at a time. 3. This software provides 360° view of the organization's collective effort for particular projects.
  • How much does project management software cost?

    While choosing project management software, cost is one of the most crucial factors that is needed to be taken into consideration with immediate effect. The cost of the project management software depends on the scope and the features supported in it. Depending on the scope of the project, the costs can vary as per the need and the vendors selected for purchasing the software.
  • How do I use the project tracker?

    Project tracker is used for tracking day to day development of the projects. Certain steps need to be followed for using the project tracker-
    Start with a project outline
    Create deliverables and milestones
    Set realistic, clear, and measurable goals
    Meet regularly with team and stakeholders
    Have clear deadlines
    Support transparency
  • What are the stages of project management?

    There are five stages of project management mentioned below:
    Conception and initiation
    Definition and planning
    Execution and launching
    Performance and control
    Project close
  • Why is project management software important?

    Project management tool plays a crucial role in the successful execution of projects within a limited time frame. It is important because it helps to track the tasks assigned and the day-to-day developments of the projects.