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Project Management Software

Enjoy seamless project and task management by effectively assigning employees. TYASuite's Project Management Software helps companies successfully manage their projects and tasks based on milestones and dependencies. Team leaders can manage the overall cost of projects on a real-time basis. Team managers can assign tasks to employees and manage due dates and priorities. The platform automates billings based on milestones, intimates team leaders and managers on the possible overruns and much more. TYASuite's Project Management Software is an amazing cloud project planner and manager that helps companies to become competitive and sets them apart from the rest of the industry.


User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

  • User-friendly interface that adapts to the organization's needs quickly
  • End-to-end project planning tool to manage a project from ideation and planning, through to implementation and completion
  • Forecast project-profitability with ease with significant and actionable insights and AI-aided foresight
  • Request and receive product requirements for various projects through a single platform
  • Get automated reminders for status updates through the various stages of the project
  • Use inbuilt project and task templates to create and customize new projects according to your unique requirements within seconds
  • User-level and project level access controls and project tracking tools to help your management and executive employees track the progress of the projects
  • Access to Gantt Chart views of all tasks /projects of the company to drive actionable insights and identify patterns easily
  • Access the entire process through a mobile App ‐ manage your projects on-the-go from wherever you want, at any time you want
  • Get Kanban views of all tasks to monitor them more effectively
  • Real-Time collaboration and document sharing, enabling your entire management team to work together towards a single goal

Unparalleled Tracking System

  • Real-time monitoring of the project progress, ensuring constant supervision and instant attention to potential issues and pain-points
  • Track durations, invoices and costs related to the project in detail
  • Track all balances and remaining budgets simultaneously
  • Determine issues/bugs related to tasks and respond to them individually
  • Manage timesheets effortlessly, with zero hassle from the comfort of your laptops or smartphone apps
  • Get real-time project profitability tracking and monitor your expenses and ROI at every step of the project's progression
  • Map customers/vendors to individual projects and track their progress and performance

Omnipotent Managing Capability

  • Automated reminders for upcoming tasks to ensure that important tasks aren't missed
  • Automated reminders for overdue tasks in case they are not completed
  • Regulate all advances given to employees for project expenses
  • Manage project milestones and task dependencies
  • Check and oversee the availability of employees
  • Automate the leave management process for employees
  • Effortlessly handle outsourced activities of the project
  • Automate the archival and management of all documents
  • Prioritize tasks to help focus on the important ones first
  • Manage the reimbursement of all employee expenses
  • Auto-allocate salaries and other project expenses
  • Manage employee-accountability ‐ allocate responsibility to employees for their tasks

Unique Features

The TYASuite Project management module comes with a host of unique features that make managing your project effortless, remotely-accessible and efficient with ‐

  • Comprehensive budget management.
  • Integrated client portal.
  • Seamless collaboration tools.
  • Group-level management of projects and tasks (i.e. Manage projects across multiple legal entities employees).
  • Cost-to-completion tracking.
  • Customizable templates to choose from.
  • Gantt Charts for quick evaluation.
  • Kanban board to track tasks.
  • Milestone tracking.
  • Individual Task management.
  • Resource management.
  • Time-sheet management and tracking.
  • Expense management and tracking.
  • Project billing module.
  • Debugging and issue-tracking.
  • Data import/export.
  • A Complete history of comments and changes.
  • Android App.
  • Integration to other Platforms through APIs.
  • Seamless integration to all TYASuite product modules.

Benefits Of Project Management Software


Delightful Days-Off

Manage holiday calendars based on locations.


Timely Task Completion

Allot specific times for each task, so that you can complete projects more efficiently.


Avoid Litigations

Avoid overtime litigations by setting maximum working hours per day.


Become Efficient

Automated alerts to finish tasks on time.


Virtual Manager

System to remind employees to finish tasks on time and auto follow up on pending tasks.


Increased Revenue

Justify over-runs to clients through details task level hours incurred by team members.


Enhanced Profitability

Tracking budgets in real time will give higher profitability.


Avoid Delays Due To Dependency

Focus on critical tasks which are dependent on other tasks.


On the Go Management

Create and assign tasks to team members on the go with Mobile app.


Efficient Employee Scheduling

Check employee availability and assign them tasks based on availability.


Task Level Chat-Board

Give comments and receive replies from team members at task level.


Bug Tracking And Assignment

Assign bugs to team members and track their status.


Employee Advance Management

Auto adjust advance with expense claims and block further advances if expense is not submitted.


Digitize Expense Management

Hassle-free access to claiming and approval of expenses through digital platform.


Reduce Expense Reimbursement Cycle

Approved expenses to move to finance dashboard for faster payment.


Advanced Time Management

Track billable and non-billable hours of employees.


Leave Management and Tracking

Track approved leaves of employees for better planning.


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