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Asset Management Software

TYASuite Asset Management Software is most flexible and customizable management software of new digital era. User friendly and easy to use modern interface of TYASuite software is best in the industry. TYASuite is World 1st Plug and Play Asset Management Software which is affordable, flexible and scalable. It's plug and play feature allows you not to compromise on your process and requirements and is capable of going live within 7 days with company specific customizations. It streamlines the entire life cycle of an asset from acquisition to disposal.


Asset Acquisition

  • Raise PO and Inward Assets
  • Option for Quality Check of Assets
  • Bulk In-warding
  • Bulk Import for pre-existing Assets
  • Asset Level Bar Code Generation
  • Asset Level QR Code Generation
  • Capturing manufacturer Asset Serial Numbers
  • Location level Assets mapping
  • Employee level Asset tracking
  • Capture Assets Photos
  • Purchased/Leased Assets Details
  • Brand New/Used Assets Details
  • GST Compliances

Asset Tracking

  • Track Assets at User level
  • Track Assets by Unique Bar Code/QR Code
  • Track Assets based on locations
  • Track assets based on Grouping /Subgrouping
  • Bulk Assets Transfer

Warranty, Insurance, and Installation

  • Capture assets Warranty details
  • Capture extended Warranty details
  • Auto alert for warranty renewal
  • Capture Insurance details
  • Auto alert for Insurance renewal
  • Track Asset installation

Servicing and Maintenance

  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Raise Service Request
  • Track Asset Services
  • Raise Material Request against Asset
  • Issue Materials for Stock Repairs
  • Get Consumable consumptions at asset level
  • Upload and Track Service Closure details
  • Auto alerts for upcoming maintenance

Physical Verification

  • Ease of Physical Verification of assets
  • Prepare Asset Verification list
  • Single Click Mobile Asset Verification
  • Verification through QR Code Scanning from Your mobile
  • Fastest Physical Verification Completion
  • Tag Damaged Assets while verification
  • Generate Verification reports
  • Generate Missing assets report


  • Flexible Depreciation Rule
  • Depreciation at Group/Sub-group level
  • Depreciation based on residual value
  • Depreciation based on Installation date
  • Depreciation as per Income Tax Rule
  • Depreciation as per Company Policy
  • Multi- Shift depreciation option
  • Assets Disposal Option
  • Asset Acquisition report as per Income Tax Act
  • More than /less than 180 days report


  • Automatic Depreciation as per Company Rule
  • Automatic Depreciation as per Income Tax Act
  • Automated Gain/loss calculation on disposal
  • Generate Sale Invoice for Assets Disposal

Robust Reporting

  • Automated Asset Level Fixed Asset Register
  • Fixed Asset Movement Register
  • Depreciation Reports as per Company Rules
  • Depreciation Reports as per Income Tax Rules
  • Assets Disposal Report
  • Asset Acquisition report
  • More than 180 days and less than 180 days report
  • Location level Assets Register
  • Employee Level asset register
  • Custom Reports
  • Excel/CSV/PDF reports
  • Auto Reports on email

Unique Features

  • Lifecycle Tracking - Tracking of an asset over the entire life cycle.
  • GST Compliance - Helps in the movement of assets with related GST compliances.
  • Automated Alerts - Automated alerts for timely maintenance activity, insurance and warranty renewals.
  • Track Repairs - Tracking repairs cost at asset level.
  • Comprehensive Tracking - Track assets at the employee level, department level and many more.
  • Depreciation Management - Automate depreciation computation as per Companies Act including multiple shift depreciation management and as per income tax act.
  • Remote Physical Verification - Physical verification of assets through mobile App.
  • QR Code System - Bar code and QR Code System to identify assets.
  • Master Data Management.
  • Warranty and Insurance tracking.
  • Asset Service Tracking.
  • Access from any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Cloud Capabilities.
  • Service Maintenance Tracking.
  • Asset Audit Software.
  • Warranty Management Software.

Benefits Of Asset Management Software


Maximize Assets Benefits over Lifecycle


Centralized Asset Management


Track Asset Level Service Costs


Remote Asset Verification


Reduce Human Dependency with Complete Automation


Choose from Multiple Deployment Options Depending on your Needs


No Need to Upgrade your Existing IT System


Reducing the Overall Cost of Asset Life-Cycle


Plug and Play Implementation ‐ No Need to Install On-Premise Software


Reduced Deployment Time - Go Live in 7 days


Affordability and Scalability - Pay as you Grow


Complete Integration with TYASuite Inventory Management, Procurement to Pay and all other ERP modules

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