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The procurement process is complicated since it comprises teams that handle multiple functions. A lot goes into managing a function with such high stakes, from interacting with vendors to doing compliance checks, generating invoice and making payments. When done manually it causes more error prone processes leading to detrimental consequences for your business.

What You Will Learn ?

Topics that will be covered in this webinar

  • Topic 1 :- Risks associated with manual processes and the reasons for automating the procurement process

  • Topic 2 :- Key advantages of automating the buying process

  • Topic 3 :- Effective ways to automate your procurement processes with TYASuite Procurement Software

Watch this most requested webinar to learn how to maximize productivity and process simplification with the aid of a procurement software.

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April 12th

03 pm IST

Duration 1 hour

Your panelist for this webinar is:

Vikas Mandawewala

(Co-Founder of TYASuite)

Vikas is the Co-Founder of TYASuite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd who is also the CEO of TYA Business Solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience working with multinational corporations in a variety of roles, including accounting, auditing, and taxation. He has helped many renowned organizations with efficient procurement solution and increased productivity.