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Procurement to Pay Software

Give your team the almighty Software to manage Procurement to Pay process. Managing the procurement team can be time-consuming and inefficient ordeal, especially when you are dealing with multiple products and departments across various locations. TYASuite's Procurement to Pay ERP Software helps companies manage vendors and their prices at the cost centre level and manage overall costs. Purchases can also be restricted to approved suppliers with pre-negotiated prices. Our software helps you to handle procurement to pay process effortlessly. TYASuite ERP solution will help you to grow and scale faster in the competitive environment.


Superior Data Security

  • Layered security for every stage of the procurement to pay process
  • Centralized database that stores client, vendor and employee data
  • Never lose data as it is automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Various secured modes of payment available through payment partners
  • User-level "Action Control Dashboard"
  • Separate database for your company

Smart & Perfect Purchase Requisitions (PRs)

  • Save time by raising bulk PRs through excel imports
  • Setup multiple approvals across various departments
  • Give access to employees based only on the requirement
  • Auto-archive PRs post approvals
  • Optimize the PRs based on available stock and safety stocks and lead time
  • Automate PR Raising based on company-specific rules

Flexible and Comprehensive PO

  • Automate PO Raising
  • Option to raise multi-vendor PO in a single click
  • Focus on core areas by automating recurring orders
  • Flawless order tracking
  • Automatic notifications as the PO moves in the procurement chain
  • Pre-close PO based on business requirement change
  • Accept goods/service in multiple tranches
  • Raise PO at pre-fixed vendor prices
  • On the Go approvals through emails

Oversee IRN and GRN

  • Flexibility of "Receive the goods now and verify later" or "Receive and verify together in the single window"
  • Get accurate data for invoicing

Dynamic Invoicing

  • Generate invoice in any format
  • Automate TDS deduction at the item level for Indian Companies
  • Automatic GST calculation for multiple products across various locations
  • Built-in option to add entries in accounting books
  • Automated debit note raising to a vendor based on 5 -way match
  • Built-in multi-layer 0-5 approvals based on department, amounts etc.
  • Automated email intimations to approvers for approving the invoice
  • Option to capture company-specific data at the time of adding invoice
  • Mobile application to upload invoices remotely
  • Option to raise queries on the invoice on the portal
  • Manage queries of the approvers through portal interface only
  • Option to add invoices which are pre-paid in nature

Payment Ecosystem

  • Immediately process payment to the respective vendor through payment partners
  • Real-time notifications for payment dues
  • Simultaneously make payment for multiple invoices with a single click
  • Withhold payments for any deductions
  • Process only partial payment against invoices
  • Download bank payment files in the desired format
  • Option to upload payment processed file to update the bank transaction numbers
  • Automated intimations to vendors for payments
  • Auto-deduction of volume and cash discount

Customized In-depth Reports

  • The magic of insight from powerful customized reports
  • Evaluate performance and make intelligent decisions
  • Make precise analysis in procurement to pay process with in-depth reports
  • Generate accurate reports in various formats

Cutting-edge Features

  • Our procurement to pay process is built on the latest technology with the best in industry UI.
  • Powerful reporting and management tools to maximize user-level control and bring process efficiency across the organization
  • Highest Return on Investment in procurement to pay process
  • Zero-IT burden
  • Auto deployment of best Industry practices
  • Easily connectable to existing ERP/other ERP tools
  • Comprehensive dashboard to track pending items at each level
  • Effortlessly manage approvers lead time at the employee level

Plug and Play Deployment

  • World's 1st plug and play procurement to pay process software
  • Go live within days and start getting the return on investment

Integrated Vendor Management System (VMS)

  • Seamless vendor onboarding
  • Manage vendors contracts easily
  • Manage vendor onboarding documents and approvals
  • Blacklist vendors
  • Block vendors for future activities
  • Map vendors to products/services
  • Manage vendor pricing
  • Map vendors to cost centres/profit centres
  • Automated debit notes and credit notes to vendors

Benefits Of Procurement to Pay Software


Automate Procurement to Pay Process

PR, PO and payments can be easily automated through the use of TYASuite platform.


Improve Overall Procurement Cycle

Reduce the internal procurement time by more than 50%


Eliminate Unwanted Procurement

Through the use of real-time procurement status, eliminate the undesired procurement


Instant approval

Approve/reject PRs, POs & much more from anywhere & at any point in time.


Strengthened Vendor Relationship

The vendor is mailed PO in pdf format immediately after approval, therefore, strengthening vendor relationship


Accept More Reject Less

Option to accept more products than PO


Many PRs Single PO

Multiple PRs can be raised in a single PO


Seamlessly Manage and Save All Invoices

All invoices can be kept and approved through our procurement to pay process software on a real-time basis and can be retrieved at any point of time in the future