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Infogain is a Silicon Valley based Software Engineering Company having multiple legal entities and operations across globe.

The success story of one of our clients :

They are already in the Oracle Fusion ERP as their core ERP. Their primary procurement is related to admin and various services and sub-contracting services.
Software Engineering
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Challenges faced by our clients

  • Vendor onboarding documents were not captured properly
  • Entire process of invoice approval was manual
  • There was no concept of checking the GRN/SRN
  • Reminders for approval was happening manually
  • There was no requisition process. All requisitions were ad-hoc and on emails
  • All approval were being done on emails
  • No proper trail of the invoices/approvals


We then demonstrated to them how most of their pain points could be handled with our TYASuite Plug and Play procurement software. Our client tried our product and had a great experience as it offered an all-in-one solution which includes:
  • Vendor management and effortless onboarding
  • Smart purchase requisition right from submission to approvals
  • Efficient quotation request and management
  • Flawless Purchase Order, tracking and approval
  • Facilitates Goods Received Note (GRN) and Quality Checking of inventory
  • Easy invoice management of the received inventory
  • Secure and seamless payment management

Why client’s company chose TYASuite?

Client got to know about TYASuite Procurement platform through social media. They were in search of the user friendly platform to manage their procurement and invoicing function. They didn’t want to go for Oracle Procurement function for its various limitation as well as the cost involved. User friendly functionalities, robustness of control, in-built approval work flows, customizable platform and API connectivity were the decision drivers at infogain when they chose TYASuite. TYASuite’ s workflow was a perfect match to customer functional requirement as TYASuite has integrated modules Procurement and vendor portal & TYASuite platform was flexible enough to provide them the Additional Customization to integrate with Oracle.


Clients were able to get below results after implementation of TYASuite procurement software:

  • Streamlined and centralized vendor onboarding documents
  • Digitalized invoice approval workflow
  • Amount based approval system implementation across the company
  • Replaced manual reminders for PR, PO and invoice approvals through system generated auto reminders
  • Started using automated functionality of 3-way matching
  • Digitalized their purchase requisition functionality