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Cloud-Based Purchase Order Software Will Do Much More Than Just Generating PO’s

PO Creation And Approvals

Procurement process is made simpler with automatic PO creation and easy approvals through TYASuite purchase order software.

Ease of creating purchase documentation for internal tracking purposes.
Raise multi-vendor PO with single click.
Manage effective communication with suppliers.
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Modify Purchase Orders

Every time you change the terms for a purchase order, you must send out a change notice, which is rather time-consuming. And sometimes vendors don't receive them in time. Modifying purchase order feature in TYASuite purchase order software solves this problem by allowing to easily submit a request for changes on an existing PO.

Revising a purchase order opens all the fields and contract information to be editable.
Quantity of existing items can be increased/decreased.
Unit price of existing items can be modified.

Restrict Vendors to Items

What's the biggest headache when managing vendors? There are so many different types of items and no one can seem to agree on how to categorize them. And some suppliers have more than a dozen material master combinations. Managing vendor is quick and seamless with restrict vendors to items in purchase order tracking software.

Choose which items you want to restrict to each vendor.
Protect your organization from paying too much money to external vendors by price restrictions.
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multiple approval workflow

Multiple Approval Workflows & Location level controls

It's hard to get people to approve a purchase order. How many times does a purchase order get stuck in the pipeline because someone forgot to review it? With best purchase order software system in place, you can set up the approval workflow & ensure that your purchase orders will go through smoothly.

Location-level workflow controls to ensure that purchases are approved defined at the location level.
Multiple approvals can be set for each location.
Amount based approval can be set to assign respective users.

Purchase Efficiency Through Blanket Orders

An organization can authorize a vendor for ongoing purchases upto a certain amount or until the business conditions have been fulfilled. These are called blanket orders.

Creates efficiency wherever orders are repeated.
Removes unnecessary raising of purchase orders.
Allocate the budget at department levels and control cash flow using TYASuite PO system software.
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Purchase Order Management Software - The Software That Your Purchasing Workflow Needs

TYASuite lets you enjoy flexible and comprehensive purchase order software with features to raise, track and approve them in real-time along with cloud capabilities.

eliminate blind corners with time approvals

Eliminating Blind Corners With On Time Approvals

Every purchase order goes through a process of approval. Manual approval can be punishing since employees spend their time waiting for the approval. With TYASuite cloud based purchase order solution, you can easily submit purchase orders to your boss, track it easily and get it approved.

raise multi vendor with one click

Raise Multi-vendor PO With One Click

PO to multiple vendors is confusing and usually the person responsible loses a track of it. With TYASuite purchase order automation software it’s just a matter of a click and you’ll be done raising multi-vendor purchase orders.

send single po automatically to vendors

Send Signed PO Automatically To Vendors

You wait for the vendors or pay on delivery. Stressful! How about TYASuite cloud purchase order system send signed PO directly to vendor's accounting department? They will love it!

on the go po approval

On-The-Go PO Approval

Just imagine that you are not in your office and not always on the computer, you might not be able to approve the purchase orders when you need to be. TYASuite purchase order software for small business releases you from this burden and lets you approve purchase via mail at the comfort of your phone.

raise multi currency po

Raise Multi-Currency PO

There might be problems when your vendor is in another country and apart from all micro management you’ll have to deal in currency exchange. With PO management software, its easy managing overseas vendors. Its inbuilt feature of managing multi-currency is the perfect solution for global business.

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There was no formal process of purchase order and it was a manual process. With TYASuite's purchase orders functionality, we have automated PO creation and getting them approved easily now all through a centralized system.
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Managing purchase orders with no software can be time-consuming, and require a lot of back-and-forth communication with suppliers.

Let TYASuite take care of your POs so that you can focus on growing your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase order is an important tool which contains all details issued from a buyer to a seller for honoring the agreed conditions of an order for supplying goods and services. It serves as a legal document.

There are 4 types of purchase order.

  • Standard purchase order: this type is the most commonly used PO. It is more specific as compared with other orders as it is only used for one time association with vendors.
  • Planned purchase order: this type of order is released when the delivery date and location are not determined. Whenever the supplies are low the businesses replace or restock the items as and when needed.
  • Blanket purchase order: it is an order in which the quantity of the items remain unspecified along with the delivery dates. Blanket purchase is useful for future purchases from the preferred vendor. It is the same as po but here the quantity remains unspecified, hence it is called as standing order.
  • Contract purchase order: as the name suggests it is basically a contract that states there will be purchase orders in future and provide guidelines for when they will occur.

TYASuite is the best purchase order software in India which takes the least time to install as well as it is fully customizable and flexible to fit any organization.