Compliance Management Tool

TYASuite's Compliance Management Tool is a cloud based solution to gain oversight and visibility into compliance activities. TYASuite's Compliance Management Tool is a single platform to view and manage procedures, policies, reports, process documents and key risk indicators. The solution delivers complete transparency and a thorough view of compliance activities and corporate governance. Obtain great internal control and outline business rules with the help of easy workflows. Allocate important policies and regulations to various individuals and track them with ease. TYASuite Compliance Management Tool is the simplest solution to industries looking to migrate towards paperless process and gain complete control over compliances.

Legal Compliances Management

Empowering Legal Compliances

  • Instantly know whether compliances are getting delayed
  • Be up-to-date with compliances by receiving automatic alerts as compliance approaches the final day
  • Learn whether compliance related to different groups can be applied
  • Asses the compliance workflow and ensure that it is executed in the right way
  • Avoid penalties with all compliances being followed diligently

Proactive Digital Strategies

  • Cut down compliance costs through optimizing controls
  • Automate testing and control assessments which in turn increases efficiency
  • Proactively recognize potential compliance risks and resolve it
  • Digitalization of old systems exponentially increases customer engagement and makes customer data more secure
  • Make better decisions and amplify business performance with a centralized view of compliance status
Strategies for Compliance Management
Compliance Culture Management

Cultivating A Compliance Culture

  • Cultivating a culture of compliance in an organization increases the trust of stakeholders and builds brand loyalty
  • Analyze results of control tests, self-assessments etc. recognize non-compliance factors and validate the efficiency of controls
  • Automate workflows, reporting, notifications and much more. Track the progress of the solution for issues
  • Manage everything from associated policies to reporting requirements. You can also generate templates and schedules for different regulations

Benefits Of Compliance Management Tool

risk reduction

Risks Reduced

With our continuous risk management feature, you can identify and be prepared for potential compliance risks.


Process Agility

Identify the source of compliance issues and take necessary actions.

highly configurable

Highly Configurable

Our compliance software can be customized to suit any organization's need and implemented quickly.

save money

Save More Money

Our intelligent system helps in avoiding all non-compliance penalties, hence saving more money.

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