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Vendor Management Software

TYASuite Vendor Management Software is precisely designed to handle vendors/contracts of any industry. It helps an organization to go paperless and onboard vendors through the digital platform. Upload mandatory vendor documents and let the verification team verify on a real-time basis and approve the vendor. Vendor Management Software can significantly reduce the vendor onboarding time.


Simplified Onboarding Process

  • Simplify and digitize the vendor onboarding
  • Define mandatory onboarding documents for your company and attach the same
  • Real-Time screening and approval by the approval team of new vendors
  • Automated notifications to required parties on successful vendor onboarding

Digitized Vendor Management Tool

  • Manage vendor agreements easily
  • Live tracking of vendor performance, based on-time delivery, rejections, short/excess quantities etc.
  • Set and track various milestones for the vendor
  • Track various tasks assigned for the vendor
  • Blacklist vendor the company in a single click
  • Block payments for the vendor easily
  • Eliminate vendor empanelment of the blacklisted vendors

Advanced Assistance

  • Significantly reduces the vendor go-live time
  • Eliminate data processing time and cost through Vendor Login
  • Highlights the economical vendors and reduces overall procurement cost
  • Automated reminder when the agreement is due for a renewal
  • Restrict vendors to specific department/cost centre
  • Map products/services to the vendor along with their pre-negotiated price if any
  • Auto integrate the Vendor Management Software with TYASuite P2P and ERP platforms
  • Manage multi-locations/multi-GST of the same vendor in a single window
  • Maintain complete audit trail

Control Procurement Cost

  • Manage Vendor Level Product pricing
  • Set the Price Validity
  • Manage Vendor Agreements
  • Access Control for Vendor Price Management
  • Set Approval for Vendor Price Updation
  • History of Past Prices
  • Select Preferred Vendor
  • Automate Purchase Order to Preferred Vendor
  • Restrict Vendor PO to pre-agreed price
  • Review Past procurement price before raising PO

Quotation Management

  • Send Quotation request
  • Release RFI (Request for Information)
  • Release RFQ (Request for Proposal)
  • Seamless Submission of RFI/RFQ by vendors through Vendor Management Software
  • Manage RFQ Response
  • Restrict Timings of Bid-opening
  • End to end Bid Management Software
  • Award Contract/release PO

Vendor Management Flow


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