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Identifying and Mitigating Procurement Risks in 2023

Analysis of Procurement Risks And Benefits of Automating Procurement Process

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The complex nature of the procurement process introduces inherent risks. From vendor interactions to compliance checks, manual handling increases the likelihood of errors and adverse outcomes for your business. Proactive measures are essential to safeguard against these risks and ensure smooth and successful procurement operations.

What You Will Learn ?

What topics will be covered in the webinar

  • Topic 1 :- Prevalent Procurement Risks to Watch for in 2023

  • Topic 2 :- Identifying, minimizing, and mitigating Procurement risks

  • Topic 3 :- Efficient Ways to Automate Your Procurement Processes and Mitigate the Risks with TYASuite.

Watch this instructive webinar and learn how to identify and mitigate Procurement Risks!

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15th june

04 pm IST

Duration 1 hour

Your panelist for this webinar is:

Ravi Kant

(Chartered Accountant)

Ravi has 15+ years of Assurance and Advisory expertise, and a successful corporate career with MNCs and Big 4 firms like KPMG. His experience includes advising clients in audit and risk advisory practices, handling companies of all sizes and domains in India & the US. He also holds expertise in understanding the intricacies and challenges associated with managing procurement risks while maintainig compliance. Ravi has worked on US GAAP, IFRS, IGAAP audits, and SOX assignments.