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7 Best Procurement Software in 2020 Can Skyrocket Your Business

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When talking about the Procurement software, it can be categorized as one of three sections.

There are ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, which are perplexing systems intended to help organizations manage everything in the supply chain. Next, there is accounting software that individuals use to monitor POs, giving up a robust procurement suite for all-in-one convenience. Third, there is purchase order software.

Procurement software varies about functionality, pricing, and technology. The right solution helps businesses to manage budgets, diminish costs, and increase transparency in the spending process and approvals.

The main goal of procurement solutions is to handle and ease all communication between the stakeholders, such as buyer, originator, category manager, vendor, approver, supplier, and receiver, at each transactional stage.

Basic Features of Procurement Software

Procurement software can transform a well-researched sourcing procedure into effective purchase orders (POs) through easy to understand processes. This enables control non-payroll expenses and therefore aid positive asset management in the long run. After opposite sales, which can happen through open offers or multi-round private offers, the demanding stage starts. Also, the supplies are purchased through the system's electronic buying capacities. Once the order has been finished, the software identifies receipts for the approval of invoices and reconciliations.

Benefits of Procurement Software

Let's understand the main benefits of using procurement software:

  1. You can easily collaborate and share internally
  2. Collaborate and share with vendors on a single platform
  3. You can standardize the process of procurement within your association
  4. Monitor events and receive alerts - this function is helpful for risk management
  5. Investigate the business intelligence information to gain insight into the procurement process so that you can estimate and plan accordingly.
  6. Minimize operational and logistics costs.

Top Procurement Software in 2020


SAP SRM offers you with inventive techniques to manage your business processes alongside your key suppliers. It comes with effective features like centralized contract management, operational reporting, catalog management, and more. The SAP SRM solution handles the entire procurement cycle with ease.

2. TYASuite Supplier Management Software

TYASuite Procurement to Pay (P2P) is the best alternative to SAP and No. 1 cloud-based software suite that handles everything when it comes to your procurement process, from PR to Quotation, bidding, purchasing and supplier payments. The platform allows Businesses (B2B or B2C) streamline to provide more control, visibility ensures accuracy and consistency from start to end.

3. Tradogram

This user-friendly procurement solution with detailed features to oversees processes like purchasing, sourcing, spend control, and vendors. It guarantees you get products and services at reasonable prices without compromising quality. The platform additionally incorporates modules for inventory tracking and reporting.

4. NetSuite

NetSuite is another leading cloud ERP solution. Created to scale with your organization as it evolves and transforms, NetSuite enables you to automate operations, effectively streamline mission-critical processes, reduces IT costs and complexity, and enhance real-time control and visibility with built-in business intelligence across your business in one single platform.

5. Procurify

Procurify is a cloud-based procurement software that allows creative and dedicated team to manage their whole procurement cycle right from order to pay without any issue. This solution is also known for its easy to use features. No training is required to understand how to use this platform.

6. SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based procurement software suite that helps businesses to interact with their trading partners whenever and wherever. It involves a superb contract management module, which is easy to handle procurements, internal agreements, sales, and IPs. It simplifies the whole lifecycle from inception to renewal.

7. Kissflow

Kissflow provides you the #1 Procurement cloud service that is flexible and has purchasing to vendor management, all in one single platform. It has everything including Purchase Requisition, Purchase Orders, Vendor Management, Analytics, Purchase Invoicing, and Integrations.

Get to Know Every Product with A Free Demo

The right way to choose the best one is by analyzing the features, functionalities, and benefits of these procurement platforms. You can simply do this by registering for free demo offered by these top procurement software providers. This will not only help you to understand everything but also you will know if it is a great fit for your needs.

TYASuite is a leading partner solving various burning issues of the ERP Industry that are primarily dominated by Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. As Plug and Play Cloud ERP, TYASuite can minimize the time of ERP Implementation from months to days.

Request for free demo now to find out if TYASuite Procurement to Pay Software is the right solution for you.



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