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Analyze the top features of inventory management software

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While stepping up the success ladder in the corporate world, one of the biggest challenge which any business face is related to inventory. With a surge in the demand for goods, there has been a tough competition among organizations to sell more and more types of items. Every company tends to increase the number of products they sell which at times creates hodgepodge due to mishandling of operations at such a large scale. Due to mis-management Inventory gets slow-moving, spoiled, overstocked etc. To cater to these problems an inventory management software is the best solution. It has many features and benefits which prove to yield fruitful results for a company. Some of them are-

Features of Inventory Management

1. Catalogue Creation

Often a company deals within a range of products and services and managing them all at once is a tedious task. To overcome this, an inventory management system provides the feature of creating catalogues. This eases the process of searching for a specific item from the wide list of available options.

2. Barcoding System

Each product is given a unique barcode to identify and track the whereabouts of that item. This helps in providing transparency in operations while exactly knowing when the product will reach its end consumer.

3. Pricing Management

This feature of inventory management software helps in controlling the prices of each product regarding the market price. If there is a change in the prices, the system would automatically update the price for an efficient working system.

4. Return Management

Most of the time, a customer wants to return a certain product due to size or quality issues. Managing the return process efficiently becomes a hassled task while optimally managing the task of fulfilling the new orders on time. But with inventory management, this can become an easy task. 

Benefits of Inventory Management

1. Visibility of Inventory On Real-Time Basis

One of the main benefits of an inventory management software is to provide up-to-date reports about inventory to the management for the smooth functioning of business operations.

2. Automate Re-Order Process

Businesses often run out of stock due to untimely replenishment of the inventory. This leads to a bad image of the company in the market among its customers. To save you from this situation an inventory control system would keep a track of the stock in the inventory and would automatically place an order to replenish the stock. 

3. Highlighting Slow-moving items

A good inventory management software can highlight to management slow moving items in your company. Based on this, management can take a timely decisions to liquidate the inventory at a discount before it is too late.

4. Digital Tracking of Goods

From the time when a customer places an order, he/she wants to know when they would receive it. With the help of inventory tracking software, it keeps a digital track of the goods until they reach the customers in good shape and form. 

5. Robust Reporting

This system also provides detailed analysis reports which are useful in managing the inventory of the company. Thus with these reports, the process of decision making is eased with faster outputs.

6. Integration with Other Processes

An inventory management software is integrated with other business processes like procurement to pay, sales, and more to increase productivity with utmost efficiency. 

Have a glance at TYASuite Inventory Management Software which lets you undergo your inventory-related tasks hassle-free in less time frame. Through its unique features like grant-specific controls, multi-location GST option, filter functions, RFID feature, it assists you in seamlessly fulfilling your business operations. Therefore when a company decides to switch to plug and play Cloud ERP based modules, it can transform its business drastically.



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