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The Truth About Inventory Management Challenges You Should Know

inventory management challenges
blog dateNov 22, 2022 | 5 min read | views 378

Most of the organization strives to be a reliable business for their customers, which can only be achieved by delivering quality products on time. Efficient inventory management allows you to meet rising demand while also increasing your credibility.
However, firms fail to keep up with stock requirements and inventory analysis. These inventory management challenges can severely disrupt business functioning, so let’s discuss some of them and how we can solve them with a robust inventory management software

Why is inventory management a challenge?

Inventory management checks are labor-intensive and cover numerous steps, including buying, packing, picking, and shipping. The biggest challenge is completing all these functions efficiently and ensuring on-time delivery.

Here are some common inventory management challenges:


Handling inventory can be an overwhelming task. The process, if not executed strategically, can impact your business negatively. These are the inventory management challenges to watch out for.

  • Unreliable tracking:

Following manual inventory tracking processes can be time-consuming, unnecessary, and prone to errors. All businesses can utilize a central inventory tracking system. You need to shift to an
inventory tracking software that offers automation right from ordering to procurement. It provides a single, cloud-based database for accurate inventory insights and data capture.

  • Monitoring warehouse performance:

Inventory management is a prolonged continuous process. Measuring warehouse performance KPIs such as stocks, inventory turnover, customer success rate, and order delivery can be faulty as manual methods are used, leading to inefficiencies. Thus, integrating an inventory management system makes the entire process transparent and makes evaluating performance easier.

  • Erroneous data:

You have to keep track of the stocks you have at your disposal. Regular manual stock auditing workflows lead to human errors and wrong data. Firms need to implement inventory management systems that provide updated and accurate data, enabling improved cash flow. Automating audits helps schedule inventory functions and generate precise financial information.

  • Varying customer demands:

We are aware that customer needs are constantly changing with time. Not having a structured process leads to scenarios where you have bulk stocks that you cannot sell, as well as insufficient stocks. You must develop an inventory plan that can accommodate changing customer demands. With TYASuite inventory management software, you can forecast demand and setup orders as per changing customer inclinations, stock availability, and other trends.

  • Inadequate Visibility:

When businesses lack inventory clarity, it leads to delayed and incomplete distribution. Maintaining your inventory with sufficient stocks and efficient delivery increases your customer success rate, which can be achieved with an advanced inventory software. Enhance the complete process with automated functions across all teams, right from receiving stocks, accuracy and preventing data loss.

  • Labor-intensive Documentation:

Inventory issues are exacerbated by the use of paper-based manual processes that are insecure and monotonous. Staff performance cannot be analyzed with these methods, but using the right inventory automation system facilitates overall productivity. Inventory software helps automate manual inventory data capture and offer paperless transactions.

  • Supply Chain Complications:

Another inventory management challenge that can be a burden for businesses is the changing nature of supply chains. Adjusting to these challenges can be hard, but with a flexible inventory process, you can track supplier information, detect errors, and prevent delayed delivery. With the support of inventory management software, you can even measure vendor performance, identify supply chain issues, and reduce complication.

  • Excess stocks:

Storing excess stock due to inaccurate information can impact the business's finances, leading to overspending and inefficiency. Using inventory management software prevents inventory management challenges such as manual errors, data loss, and unnecessary cash flow.

  • Inaccurate stock planning:

Warehouse stock planning is crucial for reducing delayed distribution and inaccuracy. Implementing inventory management systems with simple interfaces displaying real-time data helps bridge the gap between what stocks is needed and what is not.

  • Poor Communication:

For the proper functioning of any inventory process, communication and coordination are essential. Using a warehouse management system aids in tracking and controlling inventories. Make the most of the various benefits, such as tracking inventory alerts, monitoring warehouse locations, and receiving delivered inventory. When you can obtain all of this information from a single source, you can ensure faster approvals and better coordination across all teams.

  • Incompetent Processes:

Manual inventory management processes make execution faulty and inefficient. Using the right inventory management system helps scale up the time-consuming tasks by shortening the span of time spent on each task with automation.

  • Productivity automation:

Managing inventory problems can only be done effectively with an inventory system that is easy to access at all times. With cloud-based inventory software, you can control stocks and enhance overall warehouse productivity.


A robust inventory management software automates workflows, improves inventory performance, and boosts customer success rates. TYASuite inventory management helps overcome these common inventory management challenges. You can easily monitor inventory across various locations, manage orders, estimate customer demands, and plan stock distribution without having to deal with unwanted obstacles.



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