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How to Choose Right Procurement Software for your Business?

blog dateJan 22, 2021 | 4 min read | views 627

Navigating through numerous ranges of software is quite a baffling problem and selecting the right procurement software as per the requirement makes it even more challenging. Right from medium enterprise to a company with a turnover of billions, there has been a huge demand for procurement software that can help the companies to cater to the needs of the organization.

Businesses across all industries are completely dependent on ERP software. The selection of the right software not only makes your business operations easy and hassle-free but also helps you stay ahead in the competition. The decision-makers of the organization are ready to invest in Plug and Play ERP for smooth execution of all business operations.

Guidelines for Choosing Right Procurement Software

The below-mentioned must have features will help you choose the right procurement software for your business:-

(1) Easy Operation for your Team

Easy and efficient handling of the software is one of the most critical factors before you purchase any procurement software. A user-friendly interface is one of the most crucial factors that need to be taken into consideration. For the best results, it is highly advisable to take a free demo of the software so that the users will get a walkthrough of the complete functioning of your proposed procurement software.

The free demo will help you access and understand the degree of flexibility that procures to pay software is offering for end users.

(2) Fast and Hassle-Free Implementation

Once after purchasing the software the implementation is yet another challenge for the team. No one is willing to abide by a complex implementation process. It is a better decision to know your software well before taking the final call for purchasing the software. You can search for Plug and Play Procurement software which can go live within days and thus saving substantial time and cost of implementation.

(3) Prompt Customer Support

There can be a technical glitch while your team is using purchase order software. For handling technical glitch, it is important to make sure that service providers are providing you with the best customer support in case of need. For best results, the organization can choose for best ERP cloud providers who can extend their services in terms of support. You must take feedbacks from at least 2 existing users of the procurement software you are planning to buy.

(4) Your Business Process Fitment

Every procurement software does not fit all companies process requirement. It is must to have your business process document drafted before you start hunting for right procurement software for your business. This gives you broader picture of how well your company process fits into the procurement software being evaluated.

(5) Identify the Customization Features

Once you take a demo , you must start taking a note of all features which is there in your company existing process but not in the procurement software being evaluated. After this, segregate the same between must have (MH) and good to have (GH) features. Once this is done, have a discussion with the vendor to understand what MH features can be added and the related cost. Based on this, you shall take a decision.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays there are numerous software that are easily available with instant access as per the needs of the organization. Before purchasing the procurement software understand the kind of business your organization is conducting. By doing so it will help you to decide and choose the right software that fit well with the nature of your business.

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