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Top Vendor Management Software: Best Features And Benefits

blog dateSep 11, 2020 | 4 min read | views 1881

In this fast-paced world, businesses around the globe are working tirelessly to make ends meet. While doing so they work and handle several suppliers at once. The business environment becomes complex for a person to handle all the processes manually, to overcome this problem a vendor management software is the best solution available in the market.

As the business grows, these vendors are not merely people who provide goods, services, or platforms to companies but also become a partner, in the long run, to achieve success simultaneously. A cloud ERP Vendor Management Tool helps in easy onboarding of suppliers, performance tracking through vendor tracking tool feature, timely payments through accounts payable automation software, contract management, risk management, and strong relationship bonds.

There are many features and benefits of Vendor management software which can help you to enhance your business processes with higher productivity to yield fruitful results.

Features of Vendor Management Software

1. Easy Onboarding

A supplier management software helps in easy and faster onboarding of suppliers. This reduces time wastage by screening the vendors on a real-time basis. It also provides information about the vendors and uses diversified catalogs to ease the whole process.

2. Endorses Collaborations

A cloud-based vendor management tool enhances and promotes the process of collaborations with other processes and vendors. Due to easy collaborations with other departments, it becomes easy to monitor and analyze the performance of vendors. It also avoids redundancy in business operations.

3. Efficient Tracking

It also keeps a tab on the performance of the vendors to draw useful insights from the derived data. It helps in keeping into consideration the vendors who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the company and need to be blacklisted.

4. Self-service to Vendors

This is a feature where it gives the vendor the liberty to update their information, and get regular alerts on new orders and payments. Vendor Portal Software or vendor Login software feature allows this facility.

5. Reviewing of Critical Information

A vendor software also helps in précising reviewing all the critical information relating to any third-party vendor risk. This is done by using proper rules and regulations. It also helps in gathering and storing all the essential contracts in one place for future reference.

Benefits of Vendor Management Software

1. Centralized Management

From vendor onboarding, billing information, and contracts, everything is managed in one place. It eases the process of data retrieval and helps in analyzing that information at a faster rate.

2. Stronger Supplier Relationships

With in-built features, vendors can create customized criteria for everything. There is a transparency in reviewing the performance of the vendors which boosts the morale of the vendors. It thus creates good bonds between suppliers and management.

3. Helps in Mitigating Risks

A supplier portal software also helps in mitigating risks involving vendors and the way they perform. There are times when a company needs to fulfill certain conditions to onboard a vendor. Thus, all the compliances relating to suppliers are taken care of due to cloud ERP vendor software.

4. Provides Better Value

The main objective of a vendor management tool is to provide better value to the company regarding the money they are investing in that supplier. Thus, it leads to a huge amount of savings in the long run if implemented perfectly. Reverse Bidding software function helps organization to always have the lowest possible cost of the procurement.

5. Enhances Productivity

It also assists in enhancing the overall productivity of the business. From finding the right vendors to the products which are needed by the business to the timely re-stocking, everything is planned smoothly.

Why Choose TYASuite Vendor Management Software

TYASuite Vendor Management Software is India’s 1st plug and play software that is hosted on a cloud server, which makes it safe and secure to use. With its unique features like RFI/RFQ, vendor audit score, vendor rate card mapping, real-time screening and onboarding of vendors, multi-location handling, and much more, it surely is an effective tool to use to manage your business vendor-related problems. The software is affordable and reliable as well as customizable.



A revolutionary ERP software meticulously crafted to help industries grow without burning a hole in their pockets. TYASuite is a one-stop solution for your company which can be implemented just within a few days.
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