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What is E-Invoicing and Why it is Important for India?

blog dateFeb 17, 2021 | 4 min read | views 334

The change in the taxation system of the country has proved to be a boon for the ever-growing economy. Being the largest democracy in the world, the reform in the taxation system has not only boosted-up the Indian economy but has also made the taxation system transparent than ever before.

After the introduction of the game changer GST Law, E-invoicing has now also been implemented for B2B (Business to Business), and Business to Government. In the world?s largest economy like India, e-invoicing is being rolled out in B2B transactions initially to curb tax evasion in the country.

Following the footprints of India, the European nations are planning to implement the same for their business. Implementing an E-invoicing system will help them to digitalize their economy and open new doors of possibilities for their business in terms of generating revenue and create more employment opportunities.

What is E-Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing or E-invoicing refers to a method of processing and generating invoices in an electronic format with the help of a common platform between the buyers and suppliers. With the implementation of the GST e-invoicing system, all B2B invoices will get electronically verified by GSTN subject to certain limits. All businesses around the country can generate e-invoices with the help of available Plug and Play ERP software which has an e-invoicing module.

Importance of E-invoicing for Business

It can help your business to grow as well as maintain transparency in every financial transaction. The importance of E-invoicing is mentioned below:-

(1) Saves Time

Before the implementation of e-invoicing, the financial records were not so organized. Many times, it was manually or through the use of multiple software. As the records were scattered, it increased the probability of errors. To eliminate the chances of errors and save time e-invoicing, is implemented to reduce the steps that were followed traditionally. As a result, it helps to save a considerable amount of time both for suppliers and buyers. It also automates GSTR 1 fillings thus saving a significant amount of time.

(2) Helps in Cost Control

As the country is heading towards a digital economy it emphasizes more on the paperless mode of working. As E-invoicing is generated and authenticated by government to be a genuine invoice it can electronically be shared online with buyers and sellers with confidence.

(3) Reduce the Chances of Error

With the manual generation of invoices, there are higher chances of errors. As a result, it can create a lot of discrepancies in business transactions. To avoid these types of problems it is the best option to look for E-invoicing software. With help of software, it will be easy for buyers and sellers to maintain the highest level of transparency during the entire business operations.

(4) Improve Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of customers is very important for any business. The implementation of E-invoicing helps to save 90% of the processing costs. As it is paperless the customer can get complete advantage of early payment as well as they can get best deals on every purchase.

(5) Reduce the Chances of Fraud

With real-time tracking of E-invoices, there are less or no chances of fraud. The implementation of e-invoicing has given a strong hand to tax authorities to take stern action against fraudsters.

Final Take Away

For a developing nation like India where tax evasion is quite a common problem, the implementation of E-invoicing will solve the problem up to a great extent. Apart from this, it will also help to maintain transparency in the long run for all organizations. In the coming time, it will boost up the Indian economy and take the country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Launching of E-invoicing by TYASuite

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